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Event Planning & Execution

Are you quickly approaching a big event? Perhaps you are hosting a party? Maybe you are moving up the road, across the city or out of state? Regardless of the event, if the stress of it all is too much to bear — you need an event coordinator. As your event organizer, I will oversee all the details before, during and after. It’s so important to me that life events be experienced with an attitude of excitement, happiness and gratitude. So rather than spend time in a state of perpetual stress, let me handle the details of the day so that you can sit amongst your family and friends and watch it all fall into place.

Advance Preparation

Whether it’s in your home or at an event venue, getting all the details ironed out for an upcoming move, party or event can present an intimidating amount of work. Fortunately, just as I can organize your office or kitchen, I can organize this special life event. I’ll help you put together a to-do list, establish the relevant deadlines and take care of every item, turning what could be an anxiety-inducing struggle into a comfortable, well-coordinated process.

Entertainment Supplies

So what items do you need to physically have on hand the days leading up to and the day of your big life event?

Are we talking about a MOVE? Boxes, tape, ziplocks, black bags, clear bags, packing paper, sharpies, labels, a home stager, movers – so many details that help to make your move effortless.

Are we talking about a PARTY? Caterer, tips, dishes, silverware, linens, speakers, sound system, chairs, lighting – whatever it is, let me coordinate these details!

Whatever the life event is, I will be sure that the checklist is complete and all items are on-site, leaving you plenty of time to have a drink or say a prayer in anticipation of your life transition. No last-minute panic scrambles because something was forgotten; I’ve got it covered.

Day-of Party Coordination

Don’t spend the entire party running around, making sure everything is in place. It’s a party; you ought to be having fun, not worrying the whole time! Work with me, and I’ll make sure all the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed. I can be on-site to handle the details so everything runs smoothly.

Simplify Moving Day

Are you preparing to list your home? Great! There’s no better time to declutter. Not only does it make the house look better, allowing prospective buyers to more easily see the value of your home, it also means less work for you – less to pack, move and unpack after your home sells!

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If you’ve already moved and are positively shell-shocked by the prospect of unpacking all those boxes, that’s a good time to call, too. I can help you unpack and put everything away in an orderly fashion, so you won’t have trouble finding anything later – no need to be frantically searching boxes for your beloved holiday platter.


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If you have any additional questions about our event coordination services, please contact me today!

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